The SHA Archives

The old University Observatory, IOA, Cambridge

The SHA’s Archive is maintained by SHA Archivist Mark Hurn at the Institute of Astronomy Library, University of Cambridge, England, where Mark is the Institute’s Librarian.  He says:

“Members of the Society for the History of Astronomy doubtless care about the past, but how much do they care about the present? What we do today is ‘tomorrow’s history’. How often do we quickly move on from one project to another without thinking that our latest project might one day be an object of historical interest?

“The formation of the SHA could be an historic event itself, particularly if, as we all hope, the Society thrives and does important work. The archive of 2002 is as important as 1846, 1823 or 1781. Therefore, the retention and preservation of what we do now is very important.

“The Archive contains key documents in the formation of the SHA, its published output and where possible the work of its members and supporters. It also may hold important information of interest or usefulness to members.

“There are two strands to the work of an archive; preservation and access. If we just concentrated on preservation, we would simply become a ‘time-capsule’ awaiting discovery by archaeologists of the future. To be useful to our members we must temper preservation with access.”

More information about the archive can be obtained from SHA Archivist Mark Hurn.

SHA Archive Downloads

SHA Archive 30 July 2015 The latest listing of the Archive, in pdf format.

SHADEPOSIT  The Archive Deposit Form (in Word format) contains the agreement between the SHA Archive and the Depositor, a copy is here for the convenience of depositors.