People Index A-B

Name Dates Counties
Abbott, Francis 1799-1883 DerbyshireNottinghamshire
Abney, William de Wiveleslie 1843–1920 Derbyshire
Acfield, Frank J. 1905-1975 Northumberland
Airy, George Biddell 1801-1892 County of London; Cambridgeshire; Northumberland
Almond, Robert White 1786-1853 Nottinghamshire
Anderson, Alexander 1858-1934 Derry/Londonderry
Anderson, Thomas David 1853-1932 Midlothian
Andrews, Henry 1743-1820 Lincolnshire
Andrews, Henry. B.         -1806 Nottinghamshire
Armitage, Angus 1902-1976 Derbyshire
Ashley, Mary 1843-1903 Somerset
Atkinson, Henry 1781-1829 Northumberland
Atkinson, John Jepson NK Buckinghamshire
Atkinson, Robert D’escourt 1898-1982 Radnorshire
Aubert, Alexander bap. 1730-1805 County of London
Babbage, Charles 1791–1871 County of London
Backhouse, Thomas William 1842-1920 Durham
Baikie, James 1866-1931 Midlothian
Baily, Francis 1774-1844 Berkshire; County of London
Bainbridge, John 1582-1643 Oxfordshire
Baldrey, Andrew Doughty 1785-1843 Cambridgeshire
Ball, Leslie 1911-1992 Cheshire
Ball, Robert Stawell 1840-1913 Cambridgeshire; Dublin
Banks, Joseph 1743-1820 Lincolnshire
Barbour, William Donald 1832-1902 Yorkshire; West Riding
Barclay, Arthur Kett 1806-1871 Surrey
Barclay, Joseph Gurney 1816-1898 County of London
Barker, Robert 1873-1966 Hertfordshire
Barker, Thomas 1722-1809 Rutland
Barnes, J.B. NK Suffolk
Barnett, W. H. NK Derbyshire
Bartrum, Clement Osborn 1867-1939 Yorkshire; West Riding
Bass, George        1771-1812? Lincolnshire
Baxandall, Frank E. 1868-1929 Cambridgeshire
Baxendell, Joseph 1815-1887 Lancashire
Bayly, William 1737-1810 Hampshire; County of London; Wiltshire
Bazley, Thomas S. 1829-1919 Gloucestershire
Beadsmoore, Ernest 1874/95- Derbyshire
Beaufoy, Mark 1764–1827 Hertfordshire; County of London
Bell, Julia 1879-1979 Cambridgeshire
Bellamy, H. J. NK Cambridgeshire
Bell-Burnell,  Jocelyn        1943- Cambridgeshire; County of London
Bennett, Arthur Frederick 1871–1937 Suffolk
Bernard, Edward 1638-1697 Northamptonshire; Oxfordshire
Berry, A.G. 1823-1877 Cambridgeshire
Berthon, Edward Lyon 1813-1899 Hampshire; Cambridgeshire
Bevis, John 1695-1771 Wiltshire
Billups, Percy Christopher Charles        1859-? Glamorgan
Bird, John 1709–1776 Durham; County of London
Birmingham, John 1814-1884 Galway
Birt, William Radcliff 1804-1881 Essex; Surrey
Bishop, George 1785-1861 County of London; Leicestershire
Blackall , Samuel 1816–1899 Suffolk
Blacklock, Arthur Woolsey 1840-1934 Sussex
Blackwell, Donald E. 1921-2010 Cambridgeshire
Blagg, Mary Adele 1858-1944 Staffordshire
Blair, Robert 1748–1828 Midlothian
Bliss, Nathaniel 1700-1764 Gloucestershire
Blunt, Henry        -1853 Shropshire
Boles, Tom NK Northamptonshire
Bolton, Thomas Simeon Scriven 1883-1929 Yorkshire; West Riding
Bonnycastle, John      c.1760-1821 Buckinghamshire; County of London
Booth,  James 1806-1878 Buckinghamshire
Boreham, William Wakeling 1804-1886 Essex; Suffolk
Bowd, S.E. NK Cambridgeshire
Bowden, Arthur H.L 1839-1923 Cambridgeshire
Bowen, Edward George 1911-1991 Glamorgan
Boys, Charles Vernon 1855-1944 Rutland
Bradley, James 1693 -1762 Essex; Surrey; Gloucestershire; County of London; Oxfordshire
Bransby, John 1760-1835 Suffolk
Bray, Robert John        1929- Surrey
Breen, James 1826-1866 Cambridgeshire
Breen, James 1826-1866 County of London
Breen, James 1826-1866 Armagh
Bretnor, Thomas        1570/1-1618 Derbyshire
Brewster, David 1781-1868 Roxburghshire
Brinkley, John 1767-1835 Northamptonshire
Brisbane, Thomas Makdougall 1773–1860 Ayrshire
Brook, Charles Lewis 1855-1939 Yorkshire; West Riding
Brown, Elizabeth 1830-1899 Gloucestershire
Brown, Ernest William 1866-1938 Yorkshire; East Riding
Bruce, W. Conybeare 1844-1919 Glamorgan
Bruck, Hermann Alexander 1905-2000 Cambridgeshire
Brück, Mary T. [nee Conway] 1925-2008 Midlothian
Brühl, John Maurice 1736-1809 Middlesex
Bryan, George Hartley 1865-1928 Caernarvonshire
Buckton, Harold    1864-1944/8 Suffolk
Burbidge, Margaret        1919- Cheshire
Burgess, Eric 1920-2005 Lancashire
Ben Burrell 1903-1983 West Riding
Bush, Thomas W. 1839-1928 Nottinghamshire
Butler, Charles Pritchard 1871-1952 Cambridgeshire
Butler, Hugh Ernest 1796-1864 Cambridgeshire