People Index M-P

Name Dates Counties
Macdonald, Thomas Logie 1901-1973 Lanarkshire
Mackay, Andrew fl.1780s-1790s Aberdeenshire
Maclear, Thomas 1794-1879 Tyrone
Madge, Ernest        1876-? Glamorgan
Main, Robert 1808-1878 Kent; County of London
Malden, Anne Douglas 1881-1961 Cambridgeshire
Maloney, Francis Joseph Terence 1917-2008 Surrey
Manning, William Henry 1883-1952 Cambridgeshire
Markwick, Ernest Elliott 1853-1925 Hampshire; Kent; Dorset
Marsden, Brian Geoffrey 1937-2010 Cambridgeshire
Marsh, Narcissus 1638-1713 Armagh; Wiltshire
Marth, Albert 1828-1897 County of London
Mason, Charles 1728-1786 Donegal
Maunder, Edward Walter 1851-1928 County of London
Maw, William Henry 1838-1924 Surrey
Maxwell, Somerset Henry         1849- Wexford
May, Charles NK Suffolk
McClean, Frank 1837-1904 Kent
McCrea, William Hunter 1904-1999 Derbyshire
McGregor, Alexander b.1834-fl.1871 Inverness
McNally, Derek NK County of London
Mee, Arthur Butler Phillips 1860-1926 Carmarthanshire; Glamorgan
Mees, Chales Edward Kenneth 1882-1960 Surrey
Merryweather, John NK Lincolnshire
Merton, Gerald 1893-1983 County of London; Cambridgeshire
Michell, John 1725-1793 Nottinghamshire; Cambridgeshire; Yorkshire: West Riding
Middlehurst, Barbara 1915-1995 Glamorgan
Mills, Caradoc NK Denbighshire
Mills, Edward 1802-1865 Montgomeryshire
Milne, Edward Arthur 1896-1950 Yorkshire: East Riding; Cambridgeshire; Oxfordshire
Molyneux, Samuel 1689-1728 Surrey
Monck, William Henry Stanley 1839-1915 Dublin; Cheshire
Moore, Patrick Alfred Caldwell 1923-2012 Sussex; Middlesex; Armagh
Morgan, Augustus De 1806–1871 County of London
Morgan, John Holdsworth 1825-1908 Cambridgeshire; Lancashire; Kent
Morris, P. NK Cambridgeshire
Moss, Walter 1878-1958 Cambridgeshire
Murdoch, James 1809-fl.1851 Morayshire
Nasmyth, James 1808-1890 Midlothian
Naylor, Frederick William 1810-1859 Nottinghamshire
Newall, Hugh Frank 1857-1944 Cambridgeshire
Newall, Robert Stirling 1812-1889 Angus; Durham
Newing, Robert Albert 1913-1984 Caernarvonshire
Newton, Isaac 1642-1727 Lincolnshire; Cambridgeshire
Newton, John 1621-1678 Buckinghamshire
Noble, William 1828-1904 Sussex
Northrop, David NK Nottinghamshire
Norton, Arthur Philip 1876-1955 Glamorgan
Ostriker, Jeremiah         1937- Cambridgeshire
Oughtred, William 1575-1660 Buckinghamshire
Owen, Derek      -1989 Denbighshire
Owen, Edwin Vaughan 1870-1950 Merionethshire; Monmouthshire
Owen, Gwilym 1880-1940 Denbighshire; Cardiganshire
Owen, John R.       -1975 Cardiganshire
Owen, Owen John 1867-1960 Merionethshire; Monmouthshire
Palmer, John 1612-1679 Northamptonshire
Panther, Roy W NK Northamptonshire
Parker, Benjamin -1747 Derbyshire
Parker, D. NK Cambridgeshire
Parr, William Alfred 1865-1936 Hertfordshire; County of London
Parry, Maldwyn Tecwyn      c.-1988 Caernarvonshire
Parsons, William 1800-1867 Offaly; Dublin; Oxfordshire; Yorkshire: North Riding
Pattinson, Hugh L. 1796-1858 Durham; Cumberland
Payne-Gaposchkin, Cecilia Helena 1900-1979 Buckinghamshire
Peacock, George 1791-1858 Durham; Cambridgeshire
Pearson, William 1767-1847 Leicestershire; Cumberland
Peat, Thomas 1708-1780 Nottinghamshire
Peck, William 1862-1925 Kirkcudbrightshire
Peek, Bertrand Meigh 1891-1965 Kent; Warwickshire
Perrins, Charles William Dyson 1864-1958 Worcestershire
Perrins, James Dyson 1823-1887 Worcestershire
Perry, Geoffrey 1927-2000 Northamptonshire
Perry, Stephen Joseph 1833-1889 Lancashire
Pether, Abraham 1756-1812 Sussex
Phillips, John 1800-1874 Oxfordshire; Wiltshire
Phillips, Theodore Evelyn Reece 1868-1942 Surrey
Phillips, William          1870-? Caernarvonshire
Pierce, E T. NK Cambridgeshire
Pigott, Edward 1753-1825 Glamorgan
Pigott, Nathaniel 1725-1804 North Riding; Middlesex; Glamorgan
Plaskett, Harry Hemley 1893-1980 Oxfordshire
Player, John 1842-1931 Gloucestershire
Plummer, Henry Crozier Keating 1875-1946 Oxfordshire
Plummer, John Isaac 1845-1925 Cambridgeshire; Suffolk
Plummer, William  Edward 1849-1928 County of London; Cheshire; Oxfordshire
Pogson, Norman Robert 1829-1891 Nottinghamshire; County of London; Buckinghamshire; Oxfordshire
Potchett NK Nottinghamshire
Pound, James 1669-1724 Essex
Prentice, John Philip Manning 1903-1981 Suffolk
Priestley, Joseph 1733-1804 Northamptonshire
Prince, Charles Leeson 1821-1899 Sussex
Pritchard, Charles 1808-1893 Oxfordshire; Shropshire
Proctor, Richard Anthony 1837-1888 County of London