The Society for the History of Astronomy was founded in 2002.

Our main aims are to rediscover the UK’s local and forgotten history of astronomy by running a Survey of Astronomical History; to raise the profile of the history of this great science, and to provide activities for, and publish the work of, members, who may be amateur or professional historians or simply enthusiasts, at all levels. No qualifications are required for membership apart from an enthusiasm for the subject!

Members are spread across the UK, as are our activities, and we also have a small number of international members. We offer everything from informal social events to scholarly conferences, and enjoy cordial relations with like-minded organisations.

Members benefit from a range of quality publications, which Institutional members also receive.  And have access, by arrangement, to our Sir Robert Ball Library in Birmingham.

Most of all, we enjoy what we do!

Please check out our News page for all the latest on what’s happening with the SHA, and our Meetings page for details of our conferences, events and outings.

Further information will be found throughout this site – including how to join us!

Welcome to our ‘home on the internet’!

The Council of the SHA

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