‘If you wish to contribute to, or find out more about the History of Astronomy, then I would strongly encourage you to join the SHA’

Dr Allan Chapman       SHA President

Acceptance Article Nov ’02

Picture Credit: Helen Fairweather

Welcome to the our Website. Our President, Allan Chapman, states above the main aim of the Society. This is achieved in a variety of ways:-

  • By Providing a range of publications both printed and electronic which provide a broad range of topics, all to do with the History of Astronomy
  • By Organising Meetings throughout the year where you can listen to a range of talks from expert speakers on a wide variety of topics related to the History of Astronomy
  • By Providing access to, and conservation of, a world-class collection of books related to the History of Astronomy
  • By Undertaking a survey of astronomical history in the UK

If what you see here interests you, then please consider joining the Society by following the ‘Membership’ Tab above and you will find full details on how to join.



Dear Members and friends of the SHA.

It is hard to believe that it’s 12 months since the first government pandemic lockdown was announced.  Like many organisations, institutions, and associations, the Society for the History of Astronomy was forced to cancel its meetings, events and visitations. The Society library at the BMI was also forced to close. An overall situation that was a disappointment and frustration to many, but at the same time the overwhelming priory was the health and wellbeing of our members, visitors and staff at various venues.  Nonetheless the pandemic has resulted unfortunately in the loss of countless lives and livelihoods.

The society, like many organisations, families and individuals has had to embrace new technology, using video conferencing, and social media to fill the normal everyday face to face contact. I think the SHA has been very successful at utilising membership webinars to deliver a wide range of very interesting subjects, some closely associated with a new book These excellent webinars have become very popular and well supported. These webinars will continue in the weeks and months to come, with a full spring and summer program planned, and will be sublimated by our electronic and printed publications, which I can assure you will continue despite the present situation we still find ourselves in.

However with the successful introduction of the mass immunisation program, and continued national lockdown controls plus guidelines, we should aim to play our part and aim to return to as close to normality as possible. Therefore it is my hope our society library can open again, and we can meet again face to face at the October 2021 AGM and autumn conference. In the meantime may I wish you and your loved ones continued good health and to take care, stay safe. Please do follow the current official health advice:


Gerard Gilligan

Chairman The Society for the History of Astronomy.

23rd March 2021



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