Council members having lunch before a Meeting

The Society for the History of Astronomy is governed and managed by a Council comprising  annually elected, occasionally co-opted, and appointed officers, who are listed below.

Council members with email addresses have their names highlighted as a clickable email link.

For general enquiries about the SHA please email the General Secretary.

SHA Council & Officers

Honorary Council Members

Hon President Dr Allan Chapman, Wadham College, Oxford

Hon Vice-President Dr Michael Hoskin

Hon Vice-President Sir Arnold Wolfendale, FRS

Elected Officers

Chairman  Gerard Gilligan

General Secretary Laura Carroll

Treasurer  Dr Geoff A. King

Membership Secretary  Graham Jones

Council Members

SHA Survey Co-ordinator Kevin Johnson

Librarian  James Dawson

Publicity Secretary Mike Leggett

Editors, SHA Bulletin   Kevin Kilburn and Carolyn Kennett

Editor, SHA e-News  David Sellers

Online Editor John W. Chuter

Co-opted Officers

Archivist  John W. Chuter

Editor, The Antiquarian Astronomer Ian Ridpath

Assistant Librarian Carolyn Bedwell

Meetings Secretary            Michael White

Historical Records Officer Tony Kinder

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