Digital Resources

This page provides links for people to find useful resources for promoting the SHA or for research purposes.

  1. A Powerpoint presentation that can be used to introduce the SHA to an audience, provided by Geoff King


2. Links to digital sources of Astronomical History put together by Daniel Bélteki


Royal Greenwich Observatory papers via the Cambridge Digital Library –

[Within this collection:

Papers of the Board of Longitude – & 

Papers of Nevil Maskelyne – 

Papers of John Pond – 

Papers of George Biddell Airy – 

Transit of Venus 1874 Papers –]

Lady Huggins Observatory Book – 

Digital Collections of the Paris Observatory –

Leiden observatory – 

Project Phaedra notebooks relating to the Harvard College Observatory – 

Lick Observatory Collection at UC Santa Cruz Library – 

Lowell Observatory (digital collection via Arizona Memory project) –!loaselect/ 

Allegheny Observatory – 

David Dunlap Observatory Scrapbook – 

David Dunlap Observatory Logbooks – 

The Historical Archives of the Department of Astronomy of the University of Bologna – 

Observatory photo collections:

Yerkes Observatory (Photographic Archive) – 

Goodsell Observatory –  ; and 

Georgetown College/University Observatory (digital collection images) – ; (finding aid) 

Creighton Observatory (3 documents and 20 images) – 

University of Alabama – (images of Observatory from the digital collection)

US Naval Observatory (images from digital collections) – & 

Laws Observatory (University of Missouri) – 

McKim Observatory –!p15705coll77/searchterm/observatory 

Shattuck Observatory [Type in ‘observatory’ or ‘shattuck observatory’ into the search field]-

Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory – 

Ricard Observatory (Santa Clara University): 

Harvard College Observatory – 

The Image Archive of Hamburg Observatory – 

ETH Zurich Image Archive – 


Bureau des longitudes project – 

Canadian Astronomical Society Newsletter Collection –

Netherlands Geodetic Commission – 


The Newton Project – 

Thomas Harriot Online – 

Bond Family Papers (Harvard College Observatory) –

George Ellery Hale Papers – 

The correspondence of Adolphe Quetelet – 

The Correspondence of Tycho Brahe (505 letters) – 

The complete correspondence of Carl Friedrich Gauß – 

The works of Johannes Kepler – 

Ptolemaeus Arabus et Latinus (PAL) Project – 

National Edition of Galileo’s Works (including correspondence) – 

Diaries of Otto J. Klotz (1866-1923) – 

Edwin Powell Hubble Papers (Huntington Library) [only photographs] –,%20Edwin%20Powell/mode/exact 

The Papers of George Boole –

H.G. van de Sande Bakhuyzen – 

Frederik Kaiser – 

Antonie Pannekoek’s political correspondence – 

Bernhard Schmidt Archive – 

Papers of Grote Reber [links to digitised documents within the finding aid] – 

Georges Lemaître Archives – 

Papers of Karl G. Jansky (photographs only) – 

Papers of Woodruff T. Sullivan and his audio interviews with radio astronomers (audio and transcripts available online) – 

Daniel Kirkwood papers – 

The films of Andrew Ellicott Douglass – 

Rare Books & Manuscript Collections:

Rare Book Collection at the Vienna Observatory – 

Islamic Scientific Manuscripts Initiative (ISMI) – 

Qatar Digital Library (Astronomical Works to 1800) ––Early%20works%20to%201800 

Harvard Library Islamic Heritage Project – 

Astronomie-rara (Eidgenössischen Technischen Hochschule, Zürich & Deutsches Museums, München) – 

Mixed and Miscellaneous:

American Philosophical Society Digital Library [search for terms ‘astronomy’ and ‘observatory’] – 

American Institute of Physics Digital Collections – 

Royal Astronomical Society of Canada Archives (various documents) – 

Schiaparelli’s researches on Mars [ITALIAN] –

Marius-Portal (about Simon Marius, 1573-1624) [Letters will be added to the site in 2024] – 

NASA History Books – 

Finding Our Place in the Cosmos: From Galileo to Sagan and Beyond (Library of Congress) – 

British Library Add MS 89442 Lewis of Caerleon, collected astronomical and mathematical works – 

Christianus Prolianus’s Astronomia – 

Doc Ewen: The Horn, HI, and Other Events in US Radio Astronomy –