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Antiquarian Astronomer 9 coverThe Antiquarian Astronomer provides a medium to publish research by members and others into any aspect of the history of astronomy and related subjects.  It was recognised that because most members were amateur astronomers and amateur historians, most of their research would be about local history, which though of lasting value, was unlikely to fall within the scope of professionally-published journals.

The Antiquarian Astronomer therefore provides a means by which the results of research can be shared with other individuals and organisations having interests similar to those of the Society, and be made available to posterity.

Papers need not be restricted to local history, but should contain: original research; new interpretation or insight of material already in the public domain; or a description that brings to a wider audience material of limited availability, or that is available only in disparate locations. Papers offered for publication in The Antiquarian Astronomer should not have been published previously.

Papers published in The Antiquarian Astronomer, though mainly by amateurs, are to be of a standard that will be recognised as giving the research and the Society lasting credibility. To fulfil this principle, each paper is peer-reviewed by one or more Independent Reviewers, in addition to the usual scrutiny by the Editorial Team. Reviewers are selected for being knowledgeable about the subject of the paper, able to provide helpful feedback to the author and to the Editor and supportive of the aims of the Society.

The Antiquarian Astronomer also publishes Essay Reviews of books of significance in the history of astronomy. Short reviews of single books appear in the SHA Bulletin.

Papers should be prepared using the Guidelines to Authors available for download in pdf format, and sent in electronic form to Ian Ridpath, the Editor of The Antiquarian Astronomer, who can be contacted by email via this link.

Guide for Authors – please read if you wish to contribute an article

If in doubt, please ask before starting work!


Past issues

Antiquarian Astronomer Issue 15     August 2021

Antiquarian Astronomer Issue 14     June 2020

Antiquarian Astronomer Issue 13       June 2019

Antiquarian Astronomer Issue 12     June 2018

Antiquarian Astronomer Issue 11       June 2017

Antiquarian Astronomer Issue 10       June 2016

Antiquarian Astronomer Issue 9         August 2015

Antiquarian Astronomer Issue 8         April 2014

Antiquarian Astronomer Issue 6         January 2012

Antiquarian Astronomer Issue 4         January 2008


The Antiquarian Astronomer – Scope V5 May 2008


The Antiquarian Astronomer Issue 1, 2004 – Contents page

The Antiquarian Astronomer Issue 2, December 2005 – Contents page

The Antiquarian Astronomer Issue 3, December 2006 – Contents page

The Antiquarian Astronomer Issue 4, January 2008 – Contents page

Sample paper  – from The Antiquarian Astronomer Issue 9: August 2015:

Mars: The history of a master illusionist:  William Sheehan

Sample paper  – from The Antiquarian Astronomer Issue 13: June 2019:

Fiammetta Wilson : Mandolins and Meteors : Bill Barton


This article from The Antiquarian Astronomer Issue 5: February 2011:

Warren De La Rue – Pioneer Astronomical Photographer

is referred to by the London Sterographic Company here

This is in reference to Lunar Stereo Cards created by De La Rue.

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