The following is a list of the SHA’s Institutional Members

National Maritime Museum

Edinburgh Observatory

Loughton Astronomy Society

William Herschel Society

Norman Lockyer Observatory

Orwell Astronomical Society

Observatoire De Paris

John G.Wolbach Library (Harvard)

Other Links of interest

Ian Ridpath  Star Tales – Myths, legends and history of the constellations

Royal Astronomical Society – Astronomical Heritage Committee

Historical Section – British Astronomical Association

The William Herschel Society

The Antique Telescope Society

British Sundial Society

The British Society for the History of Science

History of Science

Other Societies with an interest in astronomy history

Manchester Astronomical Society Historical Section

The Webb Society

National Astronomical Organisations

The Royal Astronomical Society
Society for Popular Astronomy
The British Astronomical Association
Federation of Astronomical Societies


Institute of Astronomy Library, Cambridge


Astronomiae Historia – History of Astronomy
Museum of the History of Science, Oxford University
National Archives/Archon
Access 2 Archives
Society of Archivists
British Association for Local History
Google Earth
Google Maps
MS Live Search maps

Epact – Scientific Instruments of Medieval and Renaissance Europe.

History of Astronomy (by Michael Oates) devoted to information about historical figures in astronomy not easily found elsewhere.

The Alfred Russell Wallace Page Perhaps best known for his work on natural selection and biogeography, he was an early researcher in what is now called Astrobiology.