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Details: Bicentenary of the Cape Observatory

Ian Glass, South African Astronomical Observatory

The Royal Observatory, Cape of Good Hope, was founded on 20 October 1820 and this year we are celebrating its 200th anniversary.

The Southern hemisphere sky had not been surveyed since the French astronomer La Caille’s work in 1751-2 and technology had improved greatly in the meantime.  There was a need, both scientific and practical, for a new observatory. The Board of Longitude in London, whose business was the improvement of navigation,arranged for its establishment.

During its 151-year existence, most of it as part of the Royal Navy, the Cape Observatory was responsible for some significant advances in astronomy.

In 1971 the Royal Observatory was merged with the South African-owned Republic Observatory in Johannesburg to form the South African Astronomical Observatory. Because the old city observatories were beset by pollution, night-time operations were moved to Sutherland. The well-known Southern African Large Telescope is the flagship instrument of the present-day Observatory.

About the speaker:-

Ian S Glass

Ian Glass was born in Dublin, Ireland, in 1939.

TCD (Trinity College Dublin) BA

MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) PhD

Work : 


California Institute of Technology

Royal Greenwich Observatory

South African Astronomical Observatory

Author of 6 books and about 220 scientific papers + many other articles

Activities: Hiking, Probus (Groote Schuur), Owl Club, MG Club, U3A, travelling.

Married, two daughters, one son and 6 grandchildren.

You can find out more about the speaker at (including books) and also on Wikipedia