A past SHA publicity stand

SHA Publicity on the road…

A past SHA publicity stand

SHA mobile publicity stand

The SHA is often represented at astronomical events organised by other groups.

Events during autumn 2014 at which the SHA was represented with a publicity stall included:

  • The FAS Convention and AGM on 11 October 2014 (at the University of Birmingham)
  • The Leeds Astromeet on 8 November 2014 (at the Clothworkers Hall, University of Leeds)

Both events were very successful and the FAS Convention was a particularly timely opportunity to promote the SHA Autumn Conference, also in Birmingham.

We had originally intended to cover Starfest IV in Colchester on 1 November 2014, but the event was cancelled.

Forthcoming astro-events at which we hope to be present include:

  • Cambridge Institute of Astronomy open-day on 21 March 2015 (an excellent family day out,by the way!).
  • The Webb Society Convention (IoA, Cambridge) on 20 June 2015.

If you are an SHA member and will be at these events or live in the area and could spare an hour or two to help on our stall, it would be much appreciated.

For further information or offers of help, please contact the Publicity Officer, Mike Leggett (leggett189@btinternet.com).

A new tri-part full-colour SHA publicity leaflet is currently in production.


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