The SHA Library at the BMI (December 2015)
At the 2015 Autumn Conference / AGM, James
Dawson was elected as Librarian (and Councillor) of
the SHA and Carolyn Bedwell as Assistant Librarian.
They have taken up the reins from Stuart Williams to
continue sorting through the hundreds of books left to
the Society by the late Gilbert Satterthwaite and
Madeline Cox. By re-arranging existing items in the
library the new team has managed to clear the decks,
hoping this will encourage visitors to the library in the
New Year.
James is planning to compile a list of books which are
not needed for the library collection and which will be
sold on, preferentially to SHA members. James hopes
to be able to circulate this list by email early in the New
There is still much work to be done in the library,
cataloguing the new books and other materials, and
eventually integrating these into the existing collection.
A more detailed account of this project will appear in
the SHA Bulletin in due course. For any questions
about the SHA’s Library, please do contact James:
The SHA’s Library will be open on the following
dates, between the times stipulated. If there are other
dates you are interested in visiting the library, or
alternative times on the dates below please contact
James Dawson the Librarian. If you are planning a visit
to the library please also contact James in case there is
severe weather and either the BMI is closed or the
library staff are unable to travel to the library.
Mon 11 Jan, Thu 4 Feb, Sat 13 Feb, Thu 3 Mar 2016
(10 am – 3 pm)