SHA Spring Conference   Saturday 21 April  2018

The Institute of Astronomy, Cambridge University, Madingley Road, Cambridge CB3 0HA


Speaker Subject Note

09.30 to 10.00

  REGISTRATION Refreshments will be available in the lecture theatre
10.00 Bob Bower, Chairman, SHA Welcome to Cambridge



10.15 to 11.15 Carolyn Kennett and Brian Sheen Ancient Skies and the Megaliths of Cornwall


 Archaeoastronomy in Cornwall – Past and present
11.15 to 12.15 Kevin Kilburn Forgotten Star Atlas The 18thC unpublished Uranographia Britannica by Dr John Bevis
12.15 to 13.30   LUNCH BREAK A buffet lunch will be available at the venue
13.30 Bob Bower,

Chairman SHA

Welcome back  
13.30 to c14.30 Nik Szymanek The Road to Modern Astrophotography The pioneering days of early astrophotographers, up to modern times


c14.30 to 15.30 Kenelm England Berkshire Astronomers 5000 BC to AD 2018 Some topics on astronomers and observations made from Berkshire since pre-historic times until last week
15.30 to 16.00   AFTERNOON REFRESHMENTS Tea or coffee and biscuits will be provided
16.00 to 17.00 Jonathan Maxwell Some lesser known aspects regarding the evolution of refracting telescopes: from Lippershey’s spectacle lens to the Apochromats An insight into the development of the refracting telescope

Safe Journey home

The above programme offers an interesting mixed bag that should appeal to all.

Booking in advance, at £10.00 for members, £15.00 for non-members, buffet lunch £5.00

To pre-register please contact Dennis Osborne

If you would like to give a talk at the next conference, do please contact me.